Hydro Engineering Pressure Washers

Hydro Engineering manufacturing facility is located in State of Utah American Made Cleaning Equipment built to commercial heavy duty use. Also the cleaning equipment has UL and CSA listings. The equipment is available in Cold Water Pressure Washer and Hot Water Pressure Washers. The Pressure washers have many different configurations such as: Electric Drive Hot-water pressure washers / Cold-water pressure washers units, Engine Driven Hot water pressure washers / Cold water pressure washer units, and Pneumatic Driven units. Engine Driven Hot Water Pressure Washers and Cold Water Pressure Washers are built on custom Trailers Packages single axle and Tandem axle complete with hose reels and water supply tanks, and detergent racks.

Voltages available are: 120 Volts, 220 Volts (single phase or 3 phase), also 460 Volts (3 phase) 50 or 60 cycles. The Burner side of Hot Water Pressure Washers use Diesel or Kerosene fuel or L.P. or Natural Gas (vapor fuel only). Flow rates are up to 60 G.P.M. and Pressures up to 5000 P.S.I. All the components of the Hydro Engineering Pressure Washers is warranted through American Water Systems and Serviced in Shop or in the field. Hydro Engineering uses the General triplex pumps that is well known in the pressure washing industry. They also use Wayne and Beckett burner components that are well known in the industry. Parts for this equipment is available nationwide.

Hydro Engineering also offer heater modules that can heat water to 210 degrees with volumes from 2 G.P.M. to 10 G.P.M. and pressures up to 5000 P.S.I. These heater modules are also Oil fired or Gas fired. Accessories are available for all Hydro Engineering Cleaning Equipment such as: Reels, Rotary nozzle tips, Wet Sand Jets, Soap Foam attachments, X-Jet Chemical high pressure nozzle systems.





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