Alkota Water Filtration

The Alkota Sand Filtration Systems are specially designed for use with high pressure washers and steam cleaners. Dirty, oily water is brought into the coalescing tank from the sump. The waste stream twists through the oil attracting coalescing plates.

As the oil droplets and sediment hit the plates, they combine with droplets forming larger globules and speeding up the separation process. Sediment is heavier than the waste stream so it drops through the plates collecting in the chamber at the bottom of the coalescing tank.

Free oil rises to the top of the tank where it is removed by adjusting the oil skimmer. The waste oil flows from the coalescer tank into a suitable container. The partially clarified waste stream falls under gravity to the treatment tank.

From the treatmesnt tank it is continuously pumped through the sand filter and back to the process tank. As the water circulates, the sand filter removes more and more of the remaining sediment. As the water in the process tank recirculates through the filter, it becomes cleaner and cleaner. When water is required for cleaning purposes, water is sent from the treatment tank through the polishing filter. This filter takes out contaminents down to 20 microns in size. As this system does not remove emulsified oils, chemicals, or other soluble it is recommended that fresh water be brought in for rinse operation. Ultrafiltration or activated carbon canisters are available if emulsified oils and chemicals do need to be removed.



Alkota also has a Waste-Water Evaporator for any waste stream from any pressurized source. The Alkota Evaporator can work as primary or post treatment with aqueous based parts washer, pressure washer, steam cleaner wash applications. This specific package can eliminate the expense or need of providing a filtration treatment system.


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