Alkota Parts Washers

Alkota Parts Washers are available in different sizes. Two styles are cabinet type and conveyer type. The cabinet design is ideal for garages, farm shops, small factories and retail outlets.

The Conveyer Style is ideal for industrial cleaning of newly machined items in a manufacturing process. Standard options on this system removable access service panels, low water shut off, adjustable conveyer speed rate, 0-15 per minute, 6" diameter cabinet vent with steam hood.

The cabinet style parts washer has a turntable that swings open with the door to allow easy removal of parts that requires a fork lift or crane and the turn tables are available in different sizes. These Parts Washing Tubs have a 6KW heater element, voltages range 208/240 volt 1 phase and 3 phase. Also available in 460 volt 3 phase. These units also have a wash timer, oil skimmer, parts tree & basket.

The solution tank is 50 gallon capacity with turn table load capacity of 750 lbs. Also the turn table is driven by a wire brush with a 1/15 h.p. motor. The door has a handle, latch, safety switch, with a mechanical seal (no gasket).

Many options are available for the Parts Washing Tubs: 24 hour Timer w/ 7 day heater timer, 24 hour 7 day skimmer timer, lower spray bar with jets or spray jet nozzles, auto refill, removable secondary turn table, turn table jog switch, 2 ½ casters, stainless steel options for pump and cabinet door turntable plumbing parts tree spray nozzles.

Tank heating options are available in electric heat, Natural Gas, L.P. Gas capabilities. Custom load and width specifications available.


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